Be Energy Limited has introduced its own brand of lubricants, the BE lubricants. These are made from high quality based oils and formulated to meet the highest local and international standards and most OEM requirements.

The base oils used to blend BE lubricants, are purified through a process referred to as Hydro Finishing that results in highly refined base oils with very low traces of wax and Sulphur. This makes BE lubricants have better performance parameters like excellent oxidation stability and deposit control. BE Lubricants have been approved by major Engine manufacturers.

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Be Oils

The high quality BE lubricants range being marketed by Be Energy Limited include:
Automotive Lubricants (4 wheel) Both Synthetic and Mineral Engine oils, Gear oils and Greases (Multi-purpose, Wheel bearing and Fifth Wheel)
Automotive Lubricants (2 wheel) Both Synthetic and Mineral, 2 stroke and 4 stroke motorcycle engine lubricants.
Industrial Lubricants Hydraulic oils (normal and Zinc free), Gear oils, Compressor oils and industrial greases
Specialties Food grade lubricants and greases, Transformer Oils, Cutting Fluids etc.